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Contract Preparation

Trying to get qoutes from suppliers to get estimates completed ready for tender submission is always a last minute rush. Planning the final tender submission should be completed while you are waiting for the suppliers quotes to be compiled. Leaving it until the last step leaves room for errors, missing something important or presenting a document that looks untidy.

The tender submitted becomes part of the binding contract so it must stipulate all of the documents, speciifications and reference drawings used. It is advisable to retain copies of all of the original tender documents even if it means you have to make copies and always put your initials on any copies returned with your submission.

It is not uncommon for changes to occur during the early stages of a project and when the working drawings are provided they should be carefully checked for alterations. Be sure of any clauses that effect the final costs that appear in the specifications. Often the locations shown on tender documents are indicitve only with a clause stating that final placement can be altered by 3-5 metres without the principle incuring any extra costs.