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Develop A Marketing Plan

Every article or text you read axplaining how to successfully run a business of any size recommends you start with a business plan. They don't tell you that a business plan should primarily focus on marketing. How to capture the desired market, where to advertise, what to advertise and how often. Most of these decisions are made on the run and we continually repeat the mistake.

Most Australian electrical contractors start off with a toolbox, hacksaw and vehicle to carry the ladders. If a business plan does exist it is scribbled on the back of an empty box at morning smoko then tossed into the back of the work van. When its time to put an add in the paper we leave it up to them to sort it all out and wonder why we don't get the results.

In any industry to succeed you must use the industries best practices and do your homework learnig how others have failed or succeeded and why. Before deciding on where you will advertise define the audience and identify what they are looking for when they select a tradesman. I spent a day sitting at a local trade exhibition just to learn what the customers in my region expected.

What I heard from the hoses mouth told was how, where, when and what to advertise. 15 years later I still get phone calls from new customers despite not advertising for 5 years and closing the business. As part of marketing your business register with Electrical Access for free to appear in the search results delivered to users at over 50 Australian websites. Click here to register