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Project Management

Managing the project is an important job that involves much more than completing the work on time. As well as organising staff and materials efficiently. A good manager focuses on maximising the returns from the contract as well as increasing the prospects of securing larger contracts in the future.

Reliable office staff play a big part of managing the company finances but rarely are these resources used to benefit management at the work site beyond paying the workers and suppliers. Computers have simplified business systems and a variety of sotware provides new solutions to old problems.

Sophisticated applications like Microsoft Project are great for full time project managers but far too complex for a small to medium business. Project managers rely on accurate information for planning to get the most from the resources at hand. Identifying existing data that can be used to improve managment systems is more important than how the data is compiled or presented.

From worksheets we can extract data to compile labour units for comparison to industry standards and compare the costs to complete the same work in different situations. The fuel bill can help estimate overheads and the cost factor to apply to work according to the work location. The accounts we send to customers identify where a business makes the most money and the bank statement reveals all of the hidden operating costs.

Every business is different and the key data will vary according to the type, size and the location work is carried out. Every business can capitalise on what they already know if it can be located and presented in a way to be used to complete additional tasks beyond its intended purpose to increase business efficiency.