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Electrical Axuz Copyright Policy

Maintaining a website includes many responsibilities related to 3rd parties intellectual property rights. To deliver a variety of interesting content Electrical Axuz must protect the owners rights to ensure future use of the material they provide. If you would like to use an image from our website please email the details for consideration.

Copyright must be adhered to by site visitors. Axuz complies with the fair use clause of the copyright act when we use content from other websites and we also attempt to obtain permission from the owner wherever possible. All reviews of other websites include a reference link back to the original source.

Axuz policies allow an image or text provided or copied from another website to be used to promote that website. We do not use content from other websites in a manner that infringes on the rights of the intellectual property owner.

Axuz GIS is copyright protected and a strict privacy policy applies so please visit Axuz for the specific details. As an Axuz Affiliate we must comply with to strict terms & conditions and the Australian Federal Privacy act to protect your interests. More Information